Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hina Rabani Khar - foreign minister of Pakistan.

After Hina Rabani khar was selected as the foreign minister of Pakistan she is the topic of every talk show in Pakistan, Yes there is no denying the fact that She is beautiful and talented but she is no match for those 80year old ministers that have the experience that equals her age. Lets leave this over here as this is not the topic we are going to discuss, we will discuss this issue in future . Let us come to the topic Hina Rabbani khar showed her property to the election commission of Pakistan which was 1.35 crore. Pakistani rupees,and she told that she don't have a car, can u imagine a property of 1.35 crore without a car? Hina Rabbani khar on her visit to India dressed herself beautifully as on aired by many Indian channels as a "Modal".but on the other side they also disclosed the prices of her jewelry,handbag,glasses,shoes and earrings.
According to Pakistani media the price of her handbag was 7 lack rupees but Indian media told that the price of that handbag was actually Rs 35,00000.
Neck less =70,0000
This proves a very simple thing that a super luxury car is worth a handbag of Hina Rabbani Khar. Our corrupt leaders are doing as much as they can to gather as much money as they can. They really don't care that this money belongs to the people of Pakistan, not them. On the last visit of our president Zardari to England he stayed at the royal suit in England, the price of royal suit in England for one night is 10,00000. He spend around 65million rupees on his last visit to England,why he went to England? To beg money and he spend more money there on his stay then he got. We can just pray to God to help us, and show these leaches the straight path. Oh Allah save Pakistan.

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