Thursday, August 18, 2011

The actor bares it all for a scene in his upcoming movie, 'Chitkabrey'

Filmmakers in Bollywood have made several actors strip their clothes. After John Abraham in 'New York'and Neil Nitin Mukesh in 'Jail', it is now time for Ravi Kissen. However, Ravi was not too comfortable going nude in front of the camera.
He says, 'I have done a nude scene in 'Chitkabrey'but initially I did not want to do it. I also had a long debate with the director as I was not at all comfortable. I said it was a stupid idea to go nude. But the director tried hard to convince me and later I had to give in. If they would not have forced me so much, I would not have done it.'Chitkabrey'also has many bold scenes by Akshara Gauda, Khushboo Gupta and Sweetlana Manolyo. Speaking about the movie he says, 'The concept is very bold. It is about ragging which happens in almost every educational institution. The story is about a boy who is ragged in a very bad manner in his college.
As a result, his career, life, family, everything is destroyed. Later on he comes back to take revenge but in a very different and bold way.'Ravi became more of a known face after being a Bhojpuri star and later on participating in the reality show 'Bigg Boss'. As he entered Bollywood, Ravi was seen playing significant roles in several Hindi movies like 'Luck', 'Raavan'and 'Tanu Weds Manu'. But this break in Bollywood was not without a struggle. He says. 'Initially I did not get much recognition or work in Bollywood.
I had to struggle a lot because I was from a middle class family. When I went back to Bhojpuri movies and became a superstar there, I started getting more work here.'Speaking about his upcoming projects the actor says, 'Now I have many movies in hand like 'Zila Ghaziabad'which has a nice story. It portrays the true and brighter side of Benaras in six different ways. Normally in Bollywood no one must have seen such a movie which actually shows the city in a positive light. Also I am doing 'Agent Vinod'and many more after that.'

I’m much better endowed than the picture suggests,” lashes out an angry Ravi Kishan whose nude act pictures from a non-descript film ‘Chitkabrey’ has been circulated in the media.

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