Monday, November 29, 2010

Owner of Bhojpuri website Sudhir Kumar arrested for Making threats and Writing remarks on celebrities on his personal website.

The owner of the site BHOJPURIA.COM, Mr Sudhir kumar was arrested on 24th November 2010 from his residence in Jamshedpur for making threats and writing remarks on celebrities on his personal website.He was  arrested on suspicion of inciting communal hatred.In order to earn maximum TRPs he use to spread  baseless news rumors regarding celebrities in Mumbai just to attract readers.He basically targets the women communities. Earlier target was Manoj Tiwari,now is  Bhojpuri singer Kalpana.
Doctors confirmed him as a mental and ordered to sent him to Ranchi mental hospital.

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  1. Burning the CD's is quite easy, there are millions of copies and you can easily get ahold of and do the act. Burning does not destroy a noble idea that the project is. It is in the minds of billions of people and so cannot be detroyed. Any sincere seeker of truth is easily captivated by its beauty. It is little wonder that Kalpana is the fastest growing Bhojpuri singer.Fire is pure, hindus burn their dead.